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Decades Of Serving South Saint Paul And The Surrounding Communities

The legal team at Montpetit Kranz, PLLC, has been serving South Saint Paul for nearly four decades. A family-owned firm, attorneys Bill and B.J. Kranz use their 80 years of combined experience to provide clients with supportive guidance and assertive representation. If you have suffered a personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one in the Twin Cities’ south metro, the attorneys at Montpetit Kranz, PLLC, offer the wise counsel you need to make informed decisions about your path toward compensation. Meanwhile, Bill Kranz’s effective advocacy can ensure your story is presented thoroughly and compellingly in a court of law.

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Diligent Advocacy For Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Claimants

If a personal injury has upended your life, damaged your health and drained your finances, pursuing compensation can be an essential step toward recovery. The team at Montpetit Kranz, PLLC, works diligently to fully understand the extent of their clients’ injuries – working closely with medical experts to provide detailed documentation of the harm their clients have endured, and to advocate for the financial compensation they need to cover hospital bills and replace lost wages.

Bill Kranz is also dedicated to serving Minnesota clients who have lost a loved one due to another person’s actions or negligence. They provide reassurance and confidence during your time of grief and are pioneers in the delicate field of determining appropriate compensation for the emotional and psychological loss their clients have suffered.

Insightful Counsel For Business Referrals

Having spent their entire professional careers in South Saint Paul, the team at Montpetit Kranz, PLLC, has deep connections to the South Metro community. If you have been referred to attorney Bill Kranz for a business law matter, including establishment or transactional counsel, or commercial litigation, contact Montpetit Kranz, PLLC, today.

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When you need an experienced ally with a history of dedicated service to South Saint Paul and the southern suburbs, speak with the team at Montpetit Kranz, PLLC. By meeting directly with attorney Bill Kranz, you can gain a clear picture of how the firm can assist you in advancing your personal injury, wrongful death or business law matter. To schedule your free consultation, call 651-450-9000 or complete the firm’s online form.